The LUX Difference

Product quality begins and ends with attention to every detail

     What makes LUX Stand out amongst the competition - Everything!

     Since being founded in 2008, LUX brand of Angel Eyes has always been dedicated to being the world’s #1 choice in replacement BMW Angel Eyes. We strongly believe by controlling every step in the process, we can ensure not only the highest quality parts, but also the brightest and longest lasting products.

     Unlike most of our competitors we are not simply a reseller of cheaply made angel eyes. At LUX we design, prototype, test, and manufacture all of our OWN products. That’s why at LUX, we stand by our products 100% . To learn more about BMW user experiences with LUX products, check out any of the major BMW community like and some of their forums.

     Word to the wise, don’t be fooled by knock-off products.  E-bay in particular, is filled with sub-par products where the light output is 1/3 or even 1/4 that of LUX.

     Simply put, none of them come close to the LUX functionality and quality.

Feature LUX Angel Eyes Ebay brand lights Leading Brand 1 Leading Brand 2
Up to 3200 Lumen of light
Adjustable Colors
100% no Dimming
Fully Fused for Protection
Thermal protection sensors
Fully CNC's aluminum housing
Easy installation and alignment
Latest Cree LED's
US Patented Designs
Anodized aluminum to minimize heat
Dedicated customer support
1 year warranty and 60 day return policy