About Us

What are LUX Angel Eyes?

     LUX Angel eyes are the highest quality and brightest LED Angel Eye replacement bulbs for BMW's. Our lights are designed to maximize the brightness of your angel eyes and give them that vivid white look. All the lights are specially designed to maximize the light while making sure they are 100% plug and play with OEM products.

The History of Marc and LUX Angel Eyes

     History has proven great things have come out of garages, and Lux Angel eyes just stands to prove this. Back in 2005 I (Marc) took the jump from selling my 91' VW Jetta and bought myself a new 2006 BMW 325XI.  I joined BMW online forums engaging with enthusiasts and quickly became one myself.  One complaint I shared among other enthusiasts was the color and intensity of the angel eyes in the headlight. This is when the tinkering began.

     I spent countless hours disassembling my new car in order to understand the engineering and to come up with a better lighting system. I started to create what would become a LED replacement for the angel eyes.  After posting pictures up on BMW Forums I received lots of great feedback and even the first requests to create sets for others; and so LUX Angel Eyes was born.  Over time I educated himself on the various models of the electrical system of BMW's and developed products for additional cars.

     Creating a set of replacement lights for others took lots of time as I cut aluminum to size, and hand assembled each light.  Troubleshooting problems and each step improved the designs, but I still laid each LED by hand and then soldering each one; all with in the confines of a 6 x 12 garage workshop. In 2008 I began to have a local metal shop machine the heat sinks improving quality and longevity; but still utilized hand assembly processes. Over a short time the exposure and reputation increased allowing LUX Angel Eyes to expand manufacturing to a full scale production facility.

     Almost a decade later LUX Angel Eyes is the industry benchmark for replacement LED Angel Eye bulbs. LUX Angel Eyes has a number of international distributors, US Patents, and a world wide customer base.

      As the Founder and Chief Enthusiast of LUX Angel Eyes, I continuously seek to maintain its' market superiority by utilizing the most current parts and materials.  Above all, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and one of my highest priorities.  I appreciate all customer feedback

 - Marc Saddig

Founder of LUX


 "Thank you very much for your beautiful product! 
I tried many LED's for my BMW but LUX are the best on the market. Thanks a lot!!"

-Damiano P