Dare to Compare Challenge

Have you already bought LED Angel Eyes for your BMW and just aren't happy with them?

LUX Angel Eyes offers you to take our

Dare to Compare Challenge.

There are lot of places to purchase replacement LED Angel Eyes such as eBay, Amazon, and dozens of other online stores. Many of them offer inexpensive products with underwhelming performance. The lights are so dim in the daytime and simply not clear enough. If you have fallen victim to these lights then we offer you to try our products.

LUX Angel Eyes are the market leader in replacement LED Angel Eyes and we want you to put your lights to the challenge. Install a set of our current model lights and if you aren't 100% happy with the results and performance of them then you can return these for a full refund and free shipping. We are confident that our lights will be brighter and better than the cheap lights you may have purchased in the past.

Also send us a comparison picture of the lights you have so we can share the results here. Save someone else the hassle of going through multiple sets of lights before they are finally happy.


Zach from Hamden, CT

"Stumbled across a set of 40w brand lights while cleaning out a friend's garage and decided to toss them into my E92 M3. Unsurprisingly my LUX 160's were substantially more consistent and brighter, reaffirming my decision to spend the extra money on them.

Snapped a few pics, then quickly put my LUX back in!."

Peter from Long Grove IL

"After wasting close to $350 of junk eBay angel eyes, I bought a pair of LUX H8 160 for my 2010 BMW X6. I also have DARK tinted headlights and these are bright enough to right through it. These have been on my car with NO Problems since May 2015."

Erik from Louisville KY

"I bought the Ziza bulbs online and had them replaced 3 times over the course of 8-9 months. The last time, which would have given me my 4th set of bulbs, I asked for store credit and used that towards a set of LUX H8 160 bulbs. These LUX bulbs are a 500% improvement over the Ziza bulbs. Wish I had just bought these all along. BTW, had 0 issues with them thus far."


Fazman from Long Island, NY

"I'm on my 6th set of LED AE's on my pre-lci e90, this car seems to chew them up a lot. I've been thru about 3 sets of BMS AE's, got a couple on Amazon, and more recently I got a LUX E90 V6. The best white color so far seems to be from the LUX Angel Eyes"

Robert B from Overland Park, KS

"The H8 160 bulbs arrived yesterday, and all I can say is WOW! They have completely transformed the front end for me compared to the xenonmatch Halogen Bulbs."

Stephen H from the United Kingdom

"I bought some unbranded rubbish off eBay that said "Will not cause dash warnings" - but they did cause warnings and I had to send them back!"

Anthony D

"The 160 work better than ever in the E63/64 LCI M6 2008-2010, Compared here are the Weisslicht V4's vs the LUX h8 160's on the right. Clear difference! "