LUX E90 LCI Halogen V4

The LUX E90 LCI Halogen V4 angel eyes are the smart choice for replacement LED Angel eyes for the 2009-2011 E90 3-series sedans with Halogen headlights. Our new Halogen V3s converts the dim yellowish color in stock angel eyes to a bright white color that is much brighter and more appealing.

1 order will contain 2 lights and will illuminate all 4 rings on a vehicle.

         The LUX E90 LCI Halogen V4 are now 15% brighter than the V3 version

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Worldwide - UPS Expedited - Varies by region

The E90 LCI Halogen V4s produce around 2000 lumen total, and are the brightest plug and play lights on the market for compatible BMW’s (see compatibility tab) which means add increased visibility to oncoming cars and pedestrians.  LUX E90 LCI Halogen V4s utilize the newest Cree LED’s on the market, and offer a color temperature around 6000K, making them 4x brighter than stock. They are also easily matched to other headlight bulbs to give your car a clean refreshed look. 


  • 6000k Color
  • 1800 total Lumen
  • Equivalent to 88 watt halogen bulbs
  • Over 4x brighter than stock bulbs
  • Brightest LCI Halogen lights on the market
  • Compact design


  • 2009 - 2011 BMW E90 3-Series Sedan with Halogen Headlights
    • Not compatible with 335i models or xenon headlights
    • Not compatible with European ZKW manufactured lights   

Install Guides:

LUX E90 LCI Halogen

Q - What is the warranty on these?
A- There is a 1-year warranty on all LUX Products

Q - What is the return policy?
A- Please click on the Returns link at the bottom of the page

Q - Do the lights dim at all?
A- No we have designed these to compensate for the dimming feature and they will stay at full power

Q - What bulbs will match these best?
A- We generally recommend at bulb around 4350K such as the MTEC Super White. They will match the LUX E90 LCI Halogen V2 much better than stock

Q - How long will these last?
A- These lights are designed with the highest quality components are are designed to last for many years. We have some of our original sets still in operation from 8+ years ago

Q - Will they cause any errors or warning messages?
A- No these will not cause any warning, errors, or onboard messages