We currently offer the NEW Weisslicht Halo Rings in LED

What makes Weisslicht Ring better than the competition?

Ring Size: The WeissLicht LED kit is the first kit on the market for E46 using any technology to utilize two different sized rings. Four standard-sized rings are used on halogen headlights, while two different sized rings are used on the Xenon light. This provides a much nicer - more integrated - look when off. The Khoalty & MyCarr kits use the same (smaller) sized ring for all four lights. For cars with all-Halogen headlights, we have a kit that features the larger sized ring for all four lights. Choose that at the time of ordering to get the best look for your halogen headlight!

LED Size/Quantity: The WeissLicht CLEAR kit has 66 (small ring) or 78 (large ring) High power LEDs,

Installation: WeissLicht LED Rings come with full plug and play connectors. No cutting of wires is required.

Color: WeissLicht LED is a 7000k slightly blueish xenon color.

Cost: The WeissLicht LED kit is considerably cheaper, offering a much better value.