Customer Reviews

Steven R   -   2009 X5
12/12/2014 - I have received my LUX H8 V5 Angle Eyes and its more than what I expected, the price was awesome, the shipping was unbelievable, & the product...the V5.....well lets just say I'm very are on the way...I order hundreds of things online & right now u guys are #1.......
Nick K   -   E92 M3
6-16-2014 : I have just installed the H8 V4 into my E92 M3. They were very easy to install and now give a modern look to my car. 100% happy and highly recommended. Nick - Newcastle, Australia.
Noel Leonard   -   E90
5/1/2014. From Facebook - You guys make awesome products and your customer service is very responsive! Customer for life.
rollinstone157   -   E92 Coupe
I believe this is the gold standard of any aftermarket part. The “bulb” itself is beautifully machined metal, with no perceivable burrs, marks, or other visual imperfections in the metal. The finish is a semi-gloss black (perhaps a powder coat), and it is also of excellent quality.
Paulo P   -   E90 LCI Sedan
I just wanted to thank you guys for making this product! I really love the way it looks on my 2011 E90 LCI
Brandon from South Africa   -   E92
Just want to say I am so impressed with the level of service I received from you guys! The time and effort the salesman took to assist me being from another country is greatly appreciated! I received my lights this morning,took them straight to my BMW service centre to have them fitted. THEY LOOK AWESOME!!! Will most certainly recommend everyone to you guys!!!!
chumley   -   2009 335
LUX H8 V4 - LUX can thank you for pushing me over the edge and buying these! I have to say your pict is among the most representative I've seen. In real life the eye doesn't see quite as much blur around the halos but this is a good representation. I've been on the fence for a while with nothing more than a bulb upgrade from stock to GP Thunders. I thought they were a solid color improvement over stock but I installed the LUX on 1 side and tested it and the difference in brightness and color is ridiculous.
Noel M   -   E90 LCI
3/26/2013 - you Guys rock !! Thanks for sending the product and before that, thanks a lot for manufacturing such a product. I love it on my car. I heard about this just about when I almost gave up on my car with halogens . I thought I'd have to settle with those dim/dull amber rings for my car and I was jealous of other bimmers out there.
Don Figuerres   -   2008 335i
2/26/2013 - It was worth all the sweat and sore back muscles because when I turned them on to the daytime, at about 20-ft, I saw the most perfect, even, brilliant white light coming from both rings! (Queue in the Angelic music!) And at, you have one fine quality product! It was astoundingly beautiful! It has made an already drop-dead gorgeous car (in my eyes anyway) that much more eye-catching and unique. Thank you so very much for your incredible product...
Josh J   -   2007 E93 335i
1-2-2013: Received my Lux H8 V3 angel eyes in 3 days and just installed them today. They look about 10x better in person than in pictures! The color wasn't pure white, but had a slight blue hue to it. I have an '07 E93 335i and the color basically matches the angel eyes on my '11 F25 X3 with just a little less blue. I highly recommend this product!